Black Eye        “Same”      Frontiers       **** 

CD Review

Another albums by Frontiers Records, this time around it’s the turn of British vocalist David Readman (Pink Cream 69/ Voodoo Circle) at the helm with this new band, which is put together by some musicians you may already know. Firstly guitarist Aldo Lonobile (Sweet Oblivion/ Secret Sphere) who also produced the album. 

Also in the band is Doro’s guitarist Luca Princiotta, Andrea Arcangeli on bass (DGM) and former Godflesh Apocalypse drummer David Folchitto to complete the lien up for this record, along with guest keyboards by Mattia Gosetti who also arranges the orchestral arrangements.

This Italian band or project look set to make great music that packs a punch. Yes it could be typical Italian Prog Metal with the added touch of a strong English singer in David Readman. At time the album reminds me of across between DGM, Adagio (David’s old band), with hints of the heavy side of Pretty Maids or even Pink Cream 69, nevertheless this is a solid powerful album.

Some really catchy tunes here with some great melodic vocals with some decent screams here and there. I guess at times Primal Fear’s music creeps in, here and there that gives it that extra kick where it hurts. 

There’s lots of great projects released on Frontier records and this is just another addition to the labels rooster.

As the album gets going there’s there’s plenty of powerful songs that shows the strength of the music and vocals, and with the semi ballad in ‘No Turning Back’ is a great song for the album, kind of reminds me of something that maybe Jaded Heart or Devoid may do, and David really does show his vocal strength on this song.

Italian band are pretty much known for their Symphonic or Progressive Metal and this is yet another album that won’t come as a surprise, plenty to offer from start to finish. I am however surprised that Alessandro Del Vecchio didn’t get involved with this record, having said that this is a decent album for a debut and comes with a really cool album cover.

There is certainly room for improvement but for now this is a strong debut that shows the strength and power of the record. Songs to check out are: The Hurricane, Space Travel, Break the Chains, No Turning Back, Midnight Sunset, Under Enemy’s Fire, When Your Gone, are the strongest songs for me. It’s a good debut album that should be heard and if you’re a fan of David’s voice then you will love this, bare in mind David does tend to scream more on this album but it suits the record.

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