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Welcome to the review’s section which as some of you will know when it was a printed publication went under the name of ‘Pounding Metal’, a great name thanx to Exciter. In this section you’ll find all the latest reviews of some of the best metal acts around from AOR to Black Metal, so there will be something for everyone. Please do not send the cover as a huge file please. I will not review any of this Nu-Metal crap, so if you’re looking for something of that nature go elsewhere OK, this is a die hard metal fanzine!! Here are the rating’s, All Review’s by Jason Brown.

Zero Hour        “Agenda 21”        Frontiers   *****  

Well it’s good to see a band from the early 90’s make a comeback, originally formed by twin brothers Jasun (guitar/ keyboards) and Troy (bass) Tipton back in 93……

Spheric Universe Experience        “Back Home”     Uprising Records      **** 

Another great Progressive Metal album to review, this time it’s ‘Spheric Universe Experiment’, a band formed back in 1999 in France by Vince Benaim (guitars), Fred Colombo (keyboards), Franck Garcia (vocals), John Dria (bass), Brice Volodia (drums)…..

Evergrey         “A Heartless Portrait… (The Orphean Testament) ”      Napalm   *****

It’s always good to hear and see a band doing so well and that could be said about Evergrey, Gothenburg’s finest Prog Metal band what were formed back in 95 by guitarist & vocalist Tom S.Englund who is the only original member of the band…..

Black Eye        “Same”      Frontiers       **** 

Another albums by Frontiers Records, this time around it’s the turn of British vocalist David Readman (Pink Cream 69/ Voodoo Circle) at the helm with this new band, which is put together by some musicians you may already know….

Jeff Scott Soto       “Complicated”        Frontiers    ****

Jeff Scott Soto has been busy throughout the lock down with a couple of albums, firstly with ‘Wide Awake (In My Dreamland) in 2020 which was followed by ‘The Duets Collection – Vol.1’ in 2021 and now his new album ‘Complicated’…