Spheric Universe Experience        “Back Home”     Uprising Records      ****

CD Review

Another great Progressive Metal album to review, this time it’s ‘Spheric Universe Experiment’, a band formed back in 1999 in France by Vince Benaim (guitars), Fred Colombo (keyboards), Franck Garcia (vocals), John Dria (bass), Brice Volodia (drums), were the band would release their debut album ‘Mental Torments’ through Replica Records in 2005, mixed by Tommy Hansen (Helloween/ TNT/ Pretty Maids).

This was a really impressive album, having the vibe of Dream Theater, Threshold, Symphony X and Evergrey and in later times Adagio. As good as this album was the band were getting rave reviews showing the bands abilities to be able to play some great music. This album would be followed by ‘Anima’ also released on Replica in 2007, another fine example of what a great French band they are. 

This album would see drummer Brice quit and his replacement would be Nico Muller. In 2009 the band would also sign to Sensory like Zero Hour, again with a different drummer been Christophe Briand for the album ‘Unreal’.

The band were going from strength to strength and this album proved it. 2012 the band signed to Nightmare Records and released ‘The New Eve’, and now in 2022 the new album ‘Back Home’ which features Julien Negro (bass) and new drummer Romain Goulon. The band having toured all over Europe and even played the ‘Prog Power’ festival in the U.S. was a great move for the band to be recognized in the U.S. 

This new album really is a good solid album with some great vocals by Franck and the music is second to none, having the vibe of Symphony X, Adagio, Dream Theater, Vanden Plas, Seventh Wonder, and maybe a hint of Sun Caged or even Queen, but with these influences you really can’t go wrong and this is a strong album for any fan of Progressive Metal or Rock.

Not sure who produced it but a solid album, powerful yet some fine passage ways, a well thought out album from start to finish. The album comes with 12 songs and a intro and I have to say the more I play this record other bands come to mind such as Dark Water, Tempestt, Myrth, Pantommind, all mixed with the bands already mentioned really work well.

There’s one thing I can say about Progressive Rock or Metal covers, there always really well put together in detail and you get the vibe from the cover of what you are going to listen too. This album has some great songs, catchy and well thought out, songs I like on the album are: Final Fate, Where we Belong, Transcending real Life, Senses Restored, Legacy, The absolution Part 1- 2, The last Plague, Dream will Survive

A great French band like Adagio for Progressive Metal, well worth a listen and if you like the band previous material then you will love this.

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